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Deeper Roots Therapy Services 

Eating Disorders can be complicated and require specialized training and focus on both the physical and mental aspects of the disorders. We are grounded in a weight-inclusive, strength-based approach, where all bodies are welcome.

Clinicians at Deeper Roots Therapy focus on developing coping skills to address eating disorder symptoms as well as the "bigger picture" understanding why these eating patterns and cycles have emerged in your life. Many people seeking treatment have been engaging in binge eating and other eating disorder symptoms, then dieting and trying weight loss methods for years, without long term stability. Using evidence-based treatment modalities, we can help you understand why these behaviors have developed and give you tools to break these patterns to find a more balanced approach and develop a happier relationship with food. 

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Individual Therapy

Individual Therapy is offered for treatment of Binge Eating Disorder, Bulimia and other related eating disorders. Therapy modalities used include mindfulness, Cognitive-Behavioral therapy, intuitive eating, somatic and body image work. Within eating disorders, we have a special focus on binge eating, post-bariatric counseling, bulimia, eating disorders in adult women 30+, and men with eating disorders. 


Somatic Therapy

Somatic therapies address the body directly in the therapeutic process, and help clients establish safety and stability in their physical selves while re-creating trust in the body. Somatic interventions can help with trauma, eating disorder symptoms, body image and other challenges related to eating disorders. Several of our clinicians are trained in Embodied Recovery, a somatic intervention designed specifically for eating disorder treatment.

Group Therapy

Group Therapy

Melissa Elder, LCSW offers group therapy through the Art of Intentional Eating. Groups include a ten-series course on mindful and intuitive eating, as well as workshops and intensives. We also offer a monthly community group for non-diet support. Check the Art of Intentional Eating website for more information and session dates and times. 

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Safe & Sound Protocol

Melissa Elder, LCSW and other members of our team are trained in the Safe & Sound Protocol, an auditory intervention that helps relieve anxiety, depression, and eating related sensitivities. SSP is a five hour listening intervention where client wear headphones and listen to music at specific frequencies to aid in nervous system regulation and improvement in ability to socially engage. Read more about our Safe and Sound Protocol sessions here

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EMDR - Trauma Treatment

Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing is an effective therapy for trauma and processing memories and more recently, studies have shown efficacy in body image work and eating disorders. Our trained EMDR clinician, Courtney Newton,  focuses on helping clients understand their past body experiences and reshape their relationship to their body and image. 

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Clinical Supervision

Melissa Elder, LCSW, offers clinical supervision for graduates of  MSW programs seeking their LCSW license. The ideal candidate for supervision is interested in treatment of eating disorders, anxiety, women's issues, body image, somatic work, yoga therapy, and other body based modalities.  Melissa also offers case consultations for other professionals.


Contact Melissa directly at for more information and rates.

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