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Art of Intentional Eating

​The Art of Intentional Eating (AOE) is a co-lead group by Melissa Elder, LCSW and Annie Goldsmith, RD. AOE offers a ten-week mindful eating course offered several times per year, as well as workshops and a monthly support group for "anti-diet rebels"! 

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Why is weight loss treatment not offered? 

Deeper Roots Therapy believes that offering weight loss treatments is unethical and indeed harmful to clients. In fact, weight is not equated with health and weight stigma is one of the biggest predictors for receiving inadequate health care and poor health outcomes. The scientific literature strongly supports this approach for treatment of eating disorders. Read more here and here

Nutritional Cooking

Second Breakfast Nutrition

Deeper Roots Therapy works closely with Second Breakfast Nutrition, with office locations in our suite at Park Road, Charlotte, as well as in Matthews, NC. Annie Goldsmith, RD and her clinicians focus on treating eating disorders utilizing a non-diet, Health at Every Size approach with intuitive eating techniques. 

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What is Somatic Therapy? 

Somatic Therapy is an extremely effective technique for healing from trauma, eating disorder and other issues. Explore more about this technique used by Deeper Roots clinicians to help our clients heal in a safe and sustainable way. 

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Health At

Every Size

Learn more about the Health At Every Size (HAES)® approach and why it can support and empower recovery from Binge Eating Disorder and other dysregulated eating patterns. 

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